What is actually talent? Many words have been written about talent. Talent is described in a dictionary as a natural ability or aptitude. One departs from an inherent ability, the nature approach. But modern psychologists more often speak of the effect of e.g. the environment, practice, development and education on talent, the nurture-approach.

Based on various literature, talent can be summarized as follows: “the connection of ability (nurture – education, training, experience, competences, skills, adaptability, flexibility and educability), motivation (engagement, contentment, morality, drive, challenges, wellness, change), chances (role, career opportunity, learning capacities, chances of success, chances to expand, system of identification, assessment system, mentorship) and the influence of all these elements by nature (inherent capacity).”

A condition for talent is the simultaneous occurrence of ability, motivation and opportunities. The ability is inherent, but Baseline STM offers you the motivation and chances.


It is important to know that everyone has talents. Including you! Even more important: everyone can develop his or her talents. That is what Baseline STM does. Helping you to obtain the maximum from your potential. And if you get the utmost from your potential, it means that you actually do what you like to do and that you can continue developing and growing. That is talent development.

Since everyone has talents, talent development is suitable for anyone. It is possible that you get stuck in your work or in your private life and that you believe that there are more elements inside you and that you want to improve your level as an athlete. But it is also possible that you are quite content, but that you want to know more of how you can develop yourself further.


We live in a “performance culture”, an achievement-oriented society. We are continually forced to succeed. At school, work, within (sport) clubs. On the one hand, there is little to no room for individual development, due to e.g. educational systems functioning inadequately. But if you are not approached and educated as an individual, you will never get insight into your own subconscious preferences. And these preferences reveal what your talents are, how you can develop them and how you can learn effectively. An individual approach in talent development is therefore essential.


With a tailor-made approach we will discover what your talents are and how these talents can be developed. Since it concerns an approach especially made for you and your questions, I cannot say in advance what this element will be. According to the ActionTypes Approach, I profile and analyse by means of conversations, observation and by testing your locomotion or voluntary movements. On the basis of it I construct a plan of approach, aimed at your individual talent development.

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