ActionTypes Approach


The ActionTypes Approach (ATA) is an innovative expedient aimed at developing human potential in which tailor-made means are paramount. It makes people more effective in obtaining their targets. ATA supports e.g.: athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, instructors and employees who want to align their actions with who they really are and what they need. It sounds a bit free-floating, but it is in fact not woolly minded at all…


From birth on you already move in your own manner. You are in motion due to unconscious preferences and needs which are interwoven in your personality and motor skills. Everyone has different preferences; it means that everyone thinks, acts, moves, learns, develops and grows differently. That is the reason why ATA always deals with tailor-made work.


I will make your individual preferences noticeable by conversations, observation and by testing your motor skills. As it concerns unconscious preferences, the outcome cannot be manipulated and the results are 96% accurate. I acknowledge, respect and use your preferences to stimulate your development. With this personal approach you can connect with your identity and interpretation, as a result of which you can obtain your aims in the most effective way.

In addition, we make your cognitive, emotional/mental and motoric connections perceptive. An overall approach with which you will probably discover why you get stuck in some situations or actions and how you can learn to recognize and make use of your own motor skills. Emotion and cognition are inextricably interlinked and from that knowledge the ActionTypes Approach has been well thought out.


On this page you will find a concise explanation of the ActionTypes Approach. Would you like to have more information about this innovative tool or if you want to know whether ATA is suitable for you? PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME! The ActionTypes Approach is aimed at developing human potential and talent development. It makes athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, instructors and employees more effective in obtaining their targets.